Super Mario Theme Tunes

I became lost on Youtube the other day and discovered these gems. Its catchy and i love the devotion and dedication of the many fans, as you can see below. If you find any more (there must be hundreds) then let me know, i’ll add them. My current favourite is the bass (no hiding my love of the bass guitar) and the clever Chinese kids who use bottles and a remote controlled car – the sort of thing that you only have time to do when you’re a student, surely.

Mario theme on an 11 string bass

Mario theme on two guitars!!!

A choir singing the Mario theme

Mario theme by an entire orchestra

Mario theme by beatboxing flute

Mario theme on a piano

Mario theme on a church organ (badly)

Mario theme on a ruler

Mario theme on an Ocarina

Mario theme on bottles

Mario theme on radio controlled cars and bottles

Mario theme on Balalaika

Mario theme on an accordion