Move over Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course. Jamie O’s iPhone app is here. Pukka, innit.

Every person i know has a copy of Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course. Either inherited or gifted from parents or perhaps a wedding present, it is usually the first point of reference when faced with a culinary conundrum.  I’ve never looked online for help in the kitchen (except once for a second opinion on a garnish for Gazpacho) but i did have a bookmark for many years pointing to inspirational lunches that could be knocked up in 20 minutes. The problem with that was i never had a computer in the kitchen, for some reason it seemed unnatural to have my lappy by the hob.

Today, Jamie O bridged this divide and released an application for the iPhone which lets you choose from 50 meals that can be prepared in 20 minutes and takes you through the prep and cooking process.

Hmmm, my very own miniature Jamie O, just like Little Cook from Cbeebies. No more trying to hold open the pages of Delia’s cookbook whilst trying to cut an onion. No more wincing at the cover each time i see it recalling her shouting ‘Lets be ‘avin yer!’ to a football stadium. No more guessing just how much butter ‘generously buttered’ requires. On an iPhone, Jamie will talk me through it and show me the way. Is this the end of the cookbook as we know it?

All i need to find out now, is an iPhone.

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