Nexus 1 = 1000 followers. The winner of Eyeblaster’s Nexus One RT Comp is… @ajmpalmer #eyeblaster #notbitternothingtoseeheremoveon

So, the Twitter @Eyeblaster Creative Zone account (@Creative_Zone) had 250 followers before they started their Nexus One re-tweet give-away campaign ( i have a post-it note on my desk to prove this). Today they announced the winner and it is @ajmpalmer and well done to him, no bitterness round here, move on, nothing to see here. Move on. Really, move on.

See thread here for EYB chasing their winner:

However, interesting to note, their follower count is now 1262, which means in twitter currency, 1000 followers = 1 x Nexus One which means we now know the value of a Nexus One in Social Media. This almost sets a challenge. Can you gain more than 1000 followers by giving away a Nexus One? Seems that Google need all the help they can get from this post i saw today:

Carry on…

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