Bristol cars goes into administration. Here’s the Blenheim Speedster. How very, very lovely


Each time I pass Bristol Car's only showroom I stop and gaze in awe at the Blenheim Speedster that sits in the window in Kensington. There are no prices on the cars and little is known about how many are made each year, but rumour has it that you can't just call in and order one – there is some sort of personal approval process. They are rare, they are head-turningly kooky and they are icons of handmade British engineering. They don't represent cutting edge automotive design, but they are innovative and luxourious, as Jeremy Clarkson says, "If you want to go back in time and don't have a tardis, get a Bristol."

I truly hope that someone is able to put their hand into their pocket and save this iconic British car company.

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