Book of Deviants –

This site was brought up during a recent brainstorm and i was stunned to hear whilst most round the table had seen it, few had realised that this was actually an ‘advergame’ for a car manufacturer.

The site is promoting the Scion xD (2008 Scion xD – Walkaround).

Know for its easy customisation (they do things like this to it: and young audience – I’ve not seen one on the roads in the UK as yet.

Crazy features such as a 4-in-1 light kit with cup holder illumination. Take a look through the other accessories – some are quite odd tbh.

“The ad campaign for the Scion featured an alternate reality of mindless automatons called “Sheeple” and a group of foes called “The Little Deviants”. The deviants embodied the desired user who looks at conventional society as “way lame” and harbors a general disregard for mainstream sensibilities.”


Idea, illustration and animation on this site is great but the gaming part of it is pretty poor and lets the site down (imo). It is also pretty evil if you follow the story from the start. The violence in the different levels is quite gratuitous.

View the site: Book of Deviants –

Passcodes should you wish to jump through:

  1. Rise of the Deviants: CHOMP
  2. Masquerade: SNAR
  3. The Last Hope: IRK
  4. Take Down: KONK
  5. Intermission: OLAR
  6. Slaughter Park: SCRALP
  7. Factory: SLOG

Worth jumping to the last one (you’ll still have to complete the final challenge) to see the rewards you get when you complete the game. You get:

– trick out and print a 3d cut & fold model
– to see the cinema advert (linked to on Youtube below)
– customise your own photos with deviants and sheeple

Supporting campaign material:

TVC – &

Scion community

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