Sky Songs. Ok, so they’ll be streaming, but that’s not new. Need to better Spotify.

The Guardian says:

"Sky guns for iTunes market with new music download service"

But the real competition is surely Spotify. If they can offer a better streaming catalogue than Spotify, then they'll have something to offer. The + 1 free download per month just isn't worth the subscription.

Awful website here:

Their list of current artists makes me shudder. But maybe that's just the market they're going for.

I might have to resurrect my idea for a Yoga music download service.

Somehow, i don't foresee Sky providing the answer to music ownership in the 21st Century, but i'm concerned that the people they're targetting won't see that till it's too late. Then again, 220m iPod owners (Wiki stat) can't be wrong. Oh, hang on, that includes me. Maybe we can…

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