My completed Panini Mexico ’86 World Cup Sticker Album

Panini Mexico 86 World Cup Sticker Album Highlights

Way back in 1986, my school friend Jon Bell and I started collecting Panini football stickers. Opening packets of stickers, flicking through them saying ‘got, got got, NEEEED!, got got’, that was how it mostly went. I don’t remember the moment i actually completed the album (i’d love to remember what the final sticker was) but i do remember defacing Diego Maradona (it was the ‘hand of god‘ world cup). Looking back and knowing what I know now, I’d do it again.

Below is a Deep Zoom (from of the pages, use your mouse to drag the image around and your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, or you can use the controls at the bottom left of the image below – best to experience it in full screen, use the little icon in the bottom left corner.


Some comments on the above:

  • Why do the Brazillians not have full names?
  • Time has been good to Gary Linekar but not to Kenny Dalglish
  • Hungary’s goalkeeper, Mr.Disztl is more than a little odd looking
  • Would this be a better album if the stickers were all put in perfectly and I hadn’t drawn on it? I don’t believe so
  • Love the old posters from previous world cups, particularly Mexico’s from 1970, England’s ’66 one is awful
  • Love Pique, the Mexico ’86 mascot