Total loss of mobile phone data on return from China

Ok, so i took 2 mobile phones over to China with me, an old and trusted N95 and a new (and imo buggy) E75. The SIMs are from different operators.

When i returned to the UK and turned them on, almost all data had been deleted from the phones. Complete factory reset on both of them. No contact data left in either SIM card or on either phone’s memory. All bookmarks and web feeds gone, call history, email setttings, the lot. The only thing that remained were the images and video on my N95.

There’s only two things i can think would have caused such a loss and neither i can find any mention of on the web.

  1. Maglev malfunction
  2. The authorities

Excuse me for being paranoid, but if it had been only one phone then i would have said this is ok, but both makes me suspicious.

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