Integrating Cortana in your Windows Phone Application

Cortana is your personal digital assistant built into the heart of your Windows Phone and soon to come to the desktop with Windows 10 later this year. One of the useful features that make her stand out from voice control on other platforms is that developers can take advantage of natural voice input, via Cortana to add voice control to their apps. Here’s a short video overview of the potential and capabilities.

Further links

If you want to look into this a bit more, there’s a Voice Search for Windows Phone 8.1 sample app you can download and take apart over on MSDN.

There’s the official MSDN Quickstart: Voice commands with Cortana (XAML)

Or, take a look at my colleague Andy Wigley’s post on Cortana integration.

And taking all that a bit further, Mike Taulty’s post on Continuing a Conversation Started with Cortana.