Kinectathon London, March 2015

*** UPDATE ***

We’re full but DO add your name to the waitlist – more places will become available.

*** UPDATE ***


My colleagues and I in the Microsoft UK Future of Human Computer Interaction team have been exploring at depth the capabilities of the Kinect V2 sensor in the last few months. Some of that exploration has been in the form of 1 day proof of concepts to show to customers, some of that has been for products that are about to be deployed as Kinect apps to the Windows Store (more on those to follow soon!).

With the Kinect V2 SDK there have been significant improvements made which greatly accelerate the time it takes to get a basic idea up and running and we’re keen to see how other developers can get on with the new SDK.

Some colleagues and I are helping Dan from Moov2 with technical support for a Kinect Hackathon that he’s running at the end of March.

Kinect Face Tracking

So if you have experience of programming in HTML/JavaScript, C# or C++ then we will be able to help you on your way building your first (or second or third!!!) Kinect for Windows application.

We have hardware that you can borrow, space to work and relax and some great prizes to give out along the way.

If you would like to see what is possible in the language of your choice, I’d recommend taking a read through a series of ‘Hello (skeletal) world‘ posts from my colleague Mike Taulty.

Any questions? Ask on Twitter @kinecthackldn.


Hope to see you there.