It’s all about Context – Speaking to computers

Context. The first in a series of experiments into how we as humans can naturally and realistically interact with the digital world.

Mike and I have talked through various aspects of human-computer interaction over the last few years, never with any specific aim but more a shared interest in enabling a better future that we know is technically achievable.

I think it’s that we’re both realists when it comes to new technology which is often perceived as ‘far-off-future’ and ‘sci-fi’ and ‘difficult’.

I’m a massive fan of science fiction, but I do think it’s responsible for limiting the integration of technology into society as it often paints a dystopian view that few humans want to be a part of. What this series of shows aims to do is present a better understanding of various technologies, how they can reasonably be integrated within our lives, and dispel the myth that they’re technically difficult.

In order for technology to fit into our lives it has to be relevant. In order to be relevant, is has to be appropriate, that’s appropriate to our needs and our environment. So we decided to call this show Context, because everything is better in context. Technology works best when it provides the best experience, on the right device, at the right time.

In this first show, we look at speech. Enjoy.

I had a terrible cold. And I needed a haircut. And a mirror.