Making waiting at pedestrian crossings more entertaining

Since we removed humans from the road crossing process our junctions and traffic lights for pedestrians have become pretty dull. But here’s 2 examples that make the waiting process a little more entertaining. There is a school of thought that…

Drawing Shakespeare on a Surface Pro 3 using Fresh Paint

A few years back, tablet artist Paul Kerkal introduced me to drawing on a tablet. Windows 8 tablets are particularly well suited to this, especially the new Surface Pro 3 which has over 250 levels of pressure sensitivity and Palm…

Crisp Packet Microphone

To take something very complicated, such as our hearing, and massively simplify it – we don’t hear sound, we feel it. That’s why this piece of video is believable whilst at the same time being jaw-droppingly frightening and wow at…

Lightning GIF in Clifton, Bristol

I went up to take a Photosynth of the bridge but a thunderstorm came over. That is all.

Firefighting shot on 4k cameras at 1000 fps

Go full screen. This is incredible. – First footage from the new Phantom Flex4K – “Let me know when you see Fire” from Gregory Wilson on Vimeo.

Creating game audio by Microsoft Soundlab

Microspotting: Inside Soundlab Ever wondered what the connection there might be between a leek and a femur? Perhaps they sound the same when they break? Not one for vegetarians – watch the complete disregard for fruit and vegetables in this…

Most viewed picture of all time?

Photographer Charles O’Rear tells the story behind the Windows XP desktop wallpaper known as, Bliss.