Crisp Packet Microphone

To take something very complicated, such as our hearing, and massively simplify it – we don’t hear sound, we feel it. That’s why this piece of video is believable whilst at the same time being jaw-droppingly frightening and wow at…

Lightning GIF in Clifton, Bristol

I went up to take a Photosynth of the bridge but a thunderstorm came over. That is all.

Firefighting shot on 4k cameras at 1000 fps

Go full screen. This is incredible. – First footage from the new Phantom Flex4K – “Let me know when you see Fire” from Gregory Wilson on Vimeo.

Creating game audio by Microsoft Soundlab

Microspotting: Inside Soundlab Ever wondered what the connection there might be between a leek and a femur? Perhaps they sound the same when they break? Not one for vegetarians – watch the complete disregard for fruit and vegetables in this…