Exploring the Photosynth Technical Preview

Photosynth is for me a brilliant piece of software that’s crying out for creative exploration. The latest release is in a technical preview stage and has introduced a few new features such as the walk and the wall and I wanted to explore these a little further, so I signed up for the preview and spent an evening with my good friend Chris on a photowalk around London. He was shooting stills but I was after synthy shots. Here’s 2 of my favs from last night.

Be sure to go full screen.

A walk down London’s Chinatown at night

Chinatown, London, night. by andrewspooner on Photosynth

A wall of shops in London’s Chinatown

A walk along London’s Chinatown restaurants at night by andrewspooner on Photosynth

A 360 of Seven Dials, Covent Garden, London

Seven Dials, London by andrewspooner on Photosynth

The smoothness of the animation to me is staggering. The ability to create a 3D image from 2D photographs is very cool and it’s great to see how Microsoft Research projects can make their way into live products. And the new UI is beautiful.

Sign up for the Photosynth technical preview yourself and have a play