Self-driving hover car. Really.

Self-driving hover car. Really.

The only thing I like more than a flying car is one that can drive itself. This film goes some way to explaining how this might be possible. And it’s in English.

Bristol cars goes into administration. Here’s the Blenheim Speedster. How very, very lovely

Each time I pass Bristol Car's only showroom I stop and gaze in awe at the Blenheim Speedster that sits in the window in Kensington. There are no prices on the cars and little is known about how many are…

The magic of TV car scenes. So that’s how they don’t crash during filming.

I’ve always known that there’s usually a bit of trickery involved, cars travelling on the back of trucks, sitting in a studio with a projection screen in the background, but some of these green screens are pretty incredible: Stargate Studios…

Cars of Tomorrow – making tyre changing an exhilarating experience

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